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Surge Protection Service in Lake of the Ozarks

Our belief at Helton Electric LLC is that safety must be everyone’s first priority, and that is why we encourage the use of high quality surge protectors within homes and businesses. All of our technicians and electrical experts, located in the Lake of the Ozarks area, have years of experience in the industry, and conform to all industry standards to guarantee the best possible results. Without proper installation and maintenance by a licensed electrician, surge protectors can become ineffective, which is not only dangerous, but can result in potential damages.

What are Electrical Surges and Spikes

There are various circumstances that can cause power surges, therefore it is best to prepare your Lake of the Ozarks home or business to be protected against the potential damages of electrical surges. The most common causes of electrical surges are:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Power outages
  • Downed power lines
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Large appliances and tools
  • Malfunctions at the power company or on the electrical grid
  • Faulty electrical wiring

Power Surge Home Protection

The human body’s first line of defense against injury is the skin. Likewise, a home requires the same need for protection against sudden traumas. To protect against the dangerous repercussions of a large electrical power surge, the best way to defend your home is by hiring a professional to install a surge suppression device at the main service panel of your home. A whole home surge protector acts as the first point of impact during a power surge, and stops the high levels of electricity before it can cause damage.

Point-of-use Devices

Point-of-use surge protectors are only beneficial in addition to a whole home surge protector that has been installed at the service entrance of a home, as alone they will not protect you against large electrical surges. Also it is important to understand that some surges can destroy a point-of-use suppressor’s effectiveness, and not all of these devices indicate when they are no longer effective. If you are considering buying multiple point-of-use devices for your Lake of the Ozarks area home or business, there are some other points you may want to keep in mind.

  • Surge protectors and power strips/bars are not the same
  • Electrical surges can happen on any wire
  • Ethernet surge protectors can protect your computer and modem
  • Different devices benefit from different kinds of surge protectors

Benefits of Surge Protection

  • Extends the life of all your home electronics
  • Protects valuables against damages due to fire, smoke, and water
  • Some protectors reduce energy consumption to save electricity
  • Gives piece of mind that your valuables are protected
  • Protects fragile electronic devices