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Electric Heating in Lake of the Ozarks

Electrical heating is one of the most common ways to heat our homes and businesses. Roughly a third of all people use electrical heating systems over traditional heating options. We at Helton Electric LLC are licensed and ensured electricians, that specialize in the installation and maintenance of electrical heating systems for the Lake of the Ozarks area. We have years of hands-on experience, and are proud to be leaders in our industry. We promise to provide you with nothing but the best advice and service, so that you can have confidence in knowing that your electrical heating system is safe and dependable.

Types of Electrical Heating Systems

There are various heating options that we offer to Lake of the Ozarks area homeowners, and each have their own practical advantages. Our skilled electricians will be able to discuss with you the benefits of each system, and recommend which method would be best suited for your home or business. The following are some examples of electrical heating options that are available to homeowners.

  • Heat pumps
  • Forced-air electric furnaces
  • Electric baseboard heaters
  • Electric thermal storage
  • Electric wall heaters
  • Electric radiant heat
  • Space heaters

Benefits of Electrical Heating

Electrical heating is a simple and low maintenance way of heating a home. Electrical heaters are also highly reliable, and very rarely breakdown. Due to their considerable reliability, in the long run this can make electrical heating far more economical than other options. What’s more, as long as the home is using multiple electrical heaters, there is a considerably low risk of being caught in a situation without heat due to the failure of a singular unit. Also, electric baseboard heaters, for example, give homeowners the option of heating individual rooms as an alternative to heating the entire building. This means that there is the option to not heat rooms that are unoccupied, and save on energy.

On top of that, here are some more reasons why we think electrical heating systems are a fantastic option for homeowners!

  • Electric heaters are fast to respond
  • They are easy to control with either a singular or multiple thermostats
  • Electrical heat is quiet
  • The heaters take up very little space
  • Installation involves little disruption to the home
  • No flue or pipes means that they can be placed anywhere
  • No risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions as there is no combustion process

Getting the Most Out of Your Electrical Heating System

To obtain optimum use of your electrical heating system in your Lake of the Ozarks area home or business, our team at Helton Electric LLC recommends the following practices so that you can make the most of it.

  • Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators of all dust and buildup
  • Do not block vents, baseboard heaters, or radiators with furniture or fabric
  • Maintain and upgrade your heating system so that it is efficient
  • Proper home maintenance of windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing